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“If we hurt, lick the wound, and rise. If we have done our best to heal the wounds, then it was time to move on”

 Do not ever do something illegal and unethical.

  1. Make sure that team has to always learn from their mistakes. Blaming and pointing fingers will be no use
  2. Always prepare contingency plan if we suffered an unexpected failure.
  3. Leaders do not have to wield the sword should there be anyone doing the chaos in the company, the leader should take a lesson from the incident and trying to ensure that certain errors will not be repeated again.
  4. An apology on behalf of the company, in an open forum addressed to those victimized from the mistakes is a good start.
  5. Listen and Listen more and treat others as we treat ourselves or even better.
  6. If there is a problem do not ever try to solve the problems alone. Ask for assistance if needed. Should there be ones able to handle the problem better, for the best solution delegate to them. And when they fail, do not slit their throats.
  7. Admit when we make mistakes and immediately correct the errors that occurred.
  8. To reduce failure, arranging contracts/ agreement correctly and properly from the beginning is a very valuable point.
  9. Keep your reputation. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.
  10. Continue to better the communication skill
  11. Always do innovation. As our existence is threatened, we must make changes (innovation)
  12. Should a problem occurs, sit down immediately and look for the answer: What is the solution? What will be the most ideal way for all people?
  13. Successful people are not ones who have secret knowledge that are known only among their selves.
  14.  A recently published article in the Harvard Business Review discusses the social and emotional intelligence wielded effective leaders. Unsurprisingly, they discovered that the best leaders are the ones who exhibit not only influence and inspiration, but also empathy, attunement and a genuine desire to help develop others.

Some questions can be self asked to company :

    1. Is company a Socially Intelligent Leader
    2. Is company sensitive to customers’ needs?
    3. Does company provide feedback that people find helpful for their professional development?
    4. Does Company understand social networks and know their unspoken norms?
  1. Traditional understanding of leadership structures stressed the need for power and stern guidance, new measures of leadership are increasingly reliant on empathy and understanding.

The unspoken message is clear: Be real and be compassionate. To be a truly effective leader, you need to have a team that supports you and is willing to work hard not only on your behalf, but on their own as well.

 Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

 Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM  Solution Consultant

By Bams – March 14, 2022

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POWER ACTION © 2024. All rights reserved.