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Working remotely is reality amid this outbreak. Good news is remote worker has been proven to be more productive than in-office workers (see)
Incumbents industry shall accept this ‘New Norm of wired livings’ as a challenge rather than disruption. Or else they will be reinventing wheels as the fact is that Life post covid is reality.

Obviously , there will be more and more disruptions moving forwards faced by incumbents industries if they are not adaptable with changes. Wired living will bring more values propositional differentials as below that may potentially disrupt incumbents Industries.

Some drivers :

Customers : Fastidious Life has been the most choice due to the outbreak.

Channels : Online channels will unavoidably grow

Trade Partners chain : potentially simplified supply chains model.

Networks : Platforms business models dominance.

Pricings strategy : will be shocking. Online brings simplicity

Brands : so much strengthened through BTL ( Below The Line )

Revenue Model ; Omny channel is like magic stick to move People’s money to Challengers’ company pockets.

And so on and forth.

Incumbents still dont wanna change????

See these facts:

Iphone kicked Nokia

Netflix defeated DVD

Airbnb disrupted hotels chain

Kodak collapsed due to digital cam

TV is dying for youtube


In short… we have to be challenger amid this outbreak rather than remaining status quo and ‘Vanish’ … Ohhh Noooooooo

Stay Healthy, stay safe , stay productive within New age of wired living linkers//bp

PA Consultant .. help Organization to GROW

God Bless / God Speeds

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POWER ACTION © 2024. All rights reserved.