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Hi Academia,

In late 2019 and early 2020, the popular video-sharing app TikTok became embroiled in controversy regarding its relationship with the Chinese government and concerns about user privacy. As a result, in September 2020, the United States government banned the app and provided a deadline for its parent company, ByteDance, to sell its US operations to an American company or face a complete ban.

Many believed that the potential ban would have severely impacted not only TikTok’s large user base in the United States but also its content creators, many of whom have built careers and followings on the platform. Furthermore, the ban raised questions about censorship and government control over digital media, highlighting the need for more robust regulations and oversight of tech companies. Despite efforts by TikTok to fight the ban in court, a federal judge in The US denied their request to block it. However, in November 2020, a federal judge granted an injunction temporarily halting the ban. The temporary injunction allowed users to continue downloading and using TikTok while the legal battle continued. In the midst of the controversy surrounding TikTok, concerns about user privacy and also Chinese government influence allegations that served as many nations’ reminder of the need for increased governmental regulation.

Tik Tok is undoubtfully very good platform people choose to enlarge their distribution channels that serve not only strengthening users’ brand image, scale up users’ business for mass niche products coverages with bigger chunks of business size but it really is platform that many users; be it individual or company find that they spend so low advertisements budgets to sell and promote their products and services. Any various nature of products and services can be promoted quickly in this platform.

Those factors are well fitted that companies normally are looking into on channels of distribution selection processes.

Apart from those, most of aims of promotion like giving information on products and services, raising awareness of new products, services or new features; persuading users’ target market to call on actions (buying or switching from other one product to others) are so effectively attainable with Tik Tok. The aims a products/ services / features reminder as well as improvement of Brand images relatively can be well handled by Tik Tok.

Company at normal practices spend huge amounts of budgets for promotion and marketing activation. They mostly spend huge amount of ads placements budgets through various communication channels like air time in television or radios, costs of marketings resources, sponsorship, loyalty schemes, after sales services , special offers campaign, web developments and others. And by utilizing Tik Tok their marketing budgets can be so significantly reduced without jeopardizing results of marketing aims and objectives, of course it is subject to Tik Tok user’s creativeness to elaborate contents.

Tik Tok impacts are also massive whenever contents have become viral as they are being well prepared or probably being endorsed by multipliers like celebrities or other famous people. Or maybe they have so unique, provocative shocking contents or values. Having said this, all objective of promotion is attained with relatively costless.

That again the power of Internet. The Rise of internet era have completely altered producers’ behaviors on selective most economical communication channels. Social medias can help generate immediate interests to allow business grows.

Despite many western countries are increasingly following The US governments’ ban to Tik Tok ; Marketers , business owners will be longing for technology platforms solution that serve as good as Tik Tok as other options to avoid disruptions of their Business.

Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM Solution Consultant

  By Bams – April 04, 2023

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