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Hi Academias..

Not only being trend in social medias mainstreams these past 30 days, Google chose today the 26th of feb as a memorial tribute to God Father of Broken heart Didi Kempot.

Spirits learnt by Academias in this articles probably on Didi Kempot’s faithfulness and loyalty to his career that will continue endorse Youths in today’s generation not to easily given up to patch their career. Didi Kempot might never really envision himself having any kind of major impact on people however that is kind of what Legends Personas always do namely will keep igniting the greatness to others despite they were already passing.

There had been 700 songs he wrote and mostly sang throughout his productive career of 30 years. And Today this Legendary singer Late Didi kempot being awarded the Billboard Indonesia Lifetime Achievement Award,” wrote Google.

Didi Kempot was born in December 1966. He grew up in a family of artists. His father and brother are comedians and his mother is a traditional Javanese singer. Didi started his career in the music industry as a busker in Solo city, Central Java Province. With five of his friends, Dani Pelo, Rian Penthul, Comet, Hari Gempil, and Mamat Kuncung, Didi formed a street band named Kempot, or the”Sidewalk Buskers’ Group” (Kelompok Pengamen Trotoar). For more than two decades, this world-class singer appeared on the streets of Surakarta and Jakarta. Although he had no money, he wrote and performed some of his most famous songs, including We Cen Yu, Cidro, “Moblong-Moblong”, and “Podo Pinterest”.

Three years later, Didi tried his luck in the country’s capital city, Jakarta, by joining a group of buskers in Slipi, West Jakarta and having succeful career of being well-known as famous singer.

His so famous pieces in 2020th has been streamed by nearly 3 Million listeners , Cidro, Banyu Lnagit of nearly 1 million, and so are Suket Teki, Layang Kangen, Sewu Kutho and others

He is not only so famous in Indonesia but in other countries including land and Suriname

Didi during Covid 19 helped fund raising of Rp 5.3 billion (US$335,000) to help those who had lost their jobs through a concert staged at the historic Lokananta music studio in Surakarta and aired on TV stations.

Tribute to God Father of Broken Heart. May You always rest in peace

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