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Looking for Hot Flight attendant pictures ??? ohh noo 😀😀😀😀

Who don’t love traveling? it is adventurous and great. However, who knows that to have pleasant great flying experiences there will be flight attendants that will make air travels most pleasant journey. its their job to ensure wellbeing of passengers mostly attended, other than ensuring maximum safety and so on and so forth performed

Flight attendants are the face of the airline they represent and the truth is there is a lot of training and hard work required before they are allowed to work as flight crew. Presently, airlines are giving particular thought to the selection and appearance of their Air Hostesses. From their height, figures and smile to their uniform, flight attendants are the most important aspect of the advertisement of any airline

That’s why we call this particular job as HOT Job as beauty and intelligence must complement one another.

We have Flight Attendant (FA) Manager , FA Instructor, FA1 and FA.

Lets see FA’s job and responsibility to see how beauty and intelligence mix well each other

S/he reports for duty as assigned by Crew Scheduling and must be fully prepared in accordance with Company policy. They should also maintain grooming/appearance standards and conforms to uniforms regulations as set forth by the Company. On safety matter, they maintain their knowledge of all emergency and service equipment, and procedures for its use. Provide maximum safety and attention at all times while passengers are onboard the aircraft. They must also perform all assigned preflight duties to ensure proper maintenance of safety/service equipment, adequate provision of food/beverage items, proper cleaning of the aircraft cabin, and emergency briefing of passengers. Performs all safety and service-related functions in accordance with procedures. Maintenance of neatness and orderly, and safe cabin environment is part of their responsibility.

There are also sales activities during inflight services and they are responsible for accurate accounting for all revenues collected onboard the aircraft. Flight attendants must also communicate well with all passengers and ground handling personnel in a pleasant, considerate, and attentive manner. Complies with all landing and post-landing duties, including clearance of all official agencies as required. Flight attendants reports all discrepancies to the FA 1.

To ensure they stay updated and certified, Flight attendants are required to Attend and participate in annual recurrent training, instructional courses or other meetings necessary or requested by the Company to development of skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence in the duties and responsibilities associated with the Flight Attendant position.

Hmm challenging right ??

Lets see higher rank FA1

FA1 Directs and supervises Flight Attendants assigned to his/her flight and completes all administrative work relating to the flight; primary responsibility is the welfare of passengers in all aspects of cabin safety and service. They ensure all crewmembers are fully prepared for duty and in compliance with appearance/grooming standards and uniform regulations established by the Company. They must also Conduct emergency/service briefings prior to every trip to ensure that Flight Attendants are knowledgeable of required procedures and assignment. They ensure that all documentation and any additional information relating to the flight are obtained.

They must conduct Pre flight activities as well

What are they ?

–          Inspection for proper maintenance of emergency equipment

–          Adequate provision of food/beverage items, service equipment, and supplies

–          Proper cleaning of the aircraft cabin

–          Smooth, efficient, and controlled boarding process

–          Emergency briefing of passengers

Is that all ?? Nooo

They must well coordinate with Captain, ground personnel, and other Flight Attendants regarding any delays, non-routine incidents, or passengers’ problems. Coordination is also made to all communication with the flight deck, ensures adequate inflate service is provided to cockpit crewmembers. Performing all required passenger information announcements accurately and completely to inform passengers of emergency procedures, safety requirements, cabin 1 facilities, and inflate service. Coordinating with cabin service and monitoring workload to ensure equal distribution among Flight Attendants. Services duties are not complete until the service in all cabins has been successfully completed.

Performing duties of assigned working position, with maximum safety, service, and attention to passengers is also main concerned. They must communicate with the passengers on personnel in pleasant, considerate, and attentive manner. Completing all Company and government documentation, including the filling of informative and objective Trip Reports. Ensuring that passengers requiring special handling are properly attended during the flight and escorted to Airlines Representative at their destination. Completing all landing and post-landing duties, including accurate accounting for and proper distribution of revenues collected inflate and clearance of all agencies as required.

And Lastly , their Attendance and participation in annual recurrent training, instructional courses or other meetings necessary or requested by the Company to ensure the development of skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence in the duties and responsibilities associated with the FA 1 position are a must.

So Guys… It’s not only beauty….. Intelligence , confidence , professionalism are mandatory thigs to be complied if you want to be Flight attendants.

Happy Flying

alam Sehat Semangat SuksesBambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM  Solution Consultant

By Bams – April 26, 2022

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