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Wherever it is in the world, Outbreak shapes people lives to be digitalized. You may also visit my article on wired living. As a result of the lockdown measures imposed on brick-and-mortar businesses, the e-commerce sector in everywhere has experienced significant booms

Government plays important roles as well as it seeks to strengthen the country’s digital economy, eCommerce makes transactions faster and easier for businesses to operate under the “New Normal.” A regional report conducted for Southeast Asia in 2021 exhibited the positive impact of eCommerce platforms in promoting most countries’ online economic growth.

The more surfers communities to wired living communities growing owing to spiking up monthly users and total web visits visitors , those drive and induce contribution onto cross borders sales.

The Philippine is also country having this positive impact of eCommerce trading. Many products sold online from domestic markets or cross borders. There have been massive numbers of international market places used by the Pilipino

Well viewers… this has been great time for you to know how you can penetrate B2C markets in The Philippine. Sooooo Keep on reading to learn and Enjoy :

These are the detail information you should be familiar with if you wish to “conquer” ecommerce business in the Philippines

Goods can be classified into Acceptable , controllable and Forbidden


Chocolate, Tea, Binoculars which can be used in the dark or for taking photographs, Mother board and electronic board, Phone Card, Deeds, Newspaper, Airline tickets, Presswork (printing Films),Printouts, Stamps, Invoices with particular foreign letterheads of any company, Diskettes(with data or blank),Musical greeting cards, Photos, Goods having the photos or names of famous characters on them, musical notes, The star of David, Translation of Holy Quran without Arabic text, Alcohol, Wine, etc…,Advertising Material, Tools and equipment used for producing Liquors, Clothes, Cosmetics, Fabrics Clothing (of asbestos),Hair, Perfumes, Shoes, Toiletries, Watches, Personal Effects, Any kind of magical items, Knives


Furs, Live and dead animals, Leather products, Vermin, Non halal food (like pork, ham),Chili spices, Coffee, Flavor, Frog meat, Fruits, Honey, Juices, Meat, Nutteries, Cocoa leaves, Flowers, Herb/Natural Products, Seeds, Wheat or Corn, Soil, Aircraft Parts, Bicycles spare parts, Heavy duty car stereo amplifiers, Motorbikes & spare parts, Tires, Any mobile or machine linked to the GPS service, Two Way Radio Receivers such as Walkie Calcicolous printer/color photocopier, Computer Parts, Electric fans & spare parts, Electronic Passports, Handset, Laptop, Laser eyeglasses, Medical Equipment, Mobile Phones, Satellite Equipment, TV, TV cards / Satellite cards, Voice changing devices, Bank Draft, Bonds, Cash, Checks, Coins, Debit or Credit Card, Passports ,CDs, DVDs, Movies, Software/CD ROM, Tape, Antiques, Artwork (General),Painting, Cigarette, Cigars, Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco, Advertising Material, Gold, Ivory, Jewelry, Precious metals, Precious stones, Silver, Diamonds ,Psychotropic drugs, Medicines, Vitamins, Any other Pharmaceutical products, Blood, Urine, Others, Body Remains, bones, etc..,Batteries, any devices containing lithium,


Fake money, Anti-government propaganda documents,Anti Islamic materials, Examples: Hereon, Opium, drugs raw material (powder, liquid), cannabis leaves, etc..,Ammunitions, Firearms, Explosives, Bullets, Military technical equipment, Stopped drugs (listed as per international convents),,,All types, clothes, machinery, shoes, electronics…,CDs, DVDs, machines, toys, Printed matter,etc,,,


Any importation to MNL valued at USD 500 and above and/or weighing 100KG and above needs to be cleared via Formal Entry. These shipments will endure Transshipment/Warehousing, requires outside the regular express clearance process. For which we charge, by default and normally to consignee’s account, Usd81.50 effective January 2008.

Customs Working Hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1700 / Saturday & Sunday Closed

National Tax Rate: 12

Low Value Limit: 10000 PHP

High Value Limit: 0 PHP


Animals and Animal Products     :

Phytosanitary Certificate, Bureau of Quarantine (NAIA)

Food Products

Food and Drugs (FDA)

Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB)

Veterinary Certificate, Bureau of Plant Industry

 National Meat Inspection Commissions (NMIC)



Phytosanitary Certificate, Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)

Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Spare Parts and Accessories

Air Transportation Office (ATO), Need Formal Clearance.

Bureau of Import Services (BIS), Dept.of Trade and Industry (DTI)

Electronics and Technology Products

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI),Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Foreign Exchange Dept.)

National Computer Center (NCC)

Bureau of Product Standard (BPS) Dept.of Trade and Industry (DTI)

Dept.of Foreign Affairs (DFA)

National Telecommunications Commissions (NTC)


Monetary Items

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

Media Products

Optical Media Board (OMB)

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)


National Museum (NM), if artworks has cultural artifacts

Tobacco Products

National Tobacco Administration (NTA)

Precious goods

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) any article manufactured


Pharmaceutical items   

Philippine Drug Enforcement Bureau (PDEA)

Food and Drugs (FDA)

Labaratory Tests/Samples

Requires import clearance from Department of Health

Department of Health (DOH)

Human remains

Requires Death Certificate from Origin & other necessary documents.

Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM  Solution Consultant

By Bams – May 11, 2022

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POWER ACTION © 2024. All rights reserved.