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Hi Academias,

Getting around without a car can be tricky, especially in certain areas of anywhere you go. Luckily, ridesharing apps have grown increasingly popular in recent years. It’s a good thing, too, since ridesharing and carpooling are eco-friendly ways of getting around and can even save you time on your trip since you’ll be able to use carpool lanes.

During the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19, raid hailing company was hit badly because of the imposed lockdowns around the world to curb the spread of virus. Yet, with gradual reopening of economies demand is returning to the market.

Demands of raid hailing is like unstoppable In recent years, passenger preferences for utilizing ride-hailing services have increased, along with increasing demand of these super apps usages as they serve so many services other then riding ; food, delivery services, hotel booking and more other features. This has led the companies to enhance the options and expand their operations to be provided in mobile applications, to retain their respective market shares in a highly competitive market.

Many Raid hailing drivers has many handphones, even I spotted one there is a driver has five phones 😊 in his car, each loaded with a different ride-hailing app. Using five different phones means that he can pick the most profitable trips, and game the apps’ incentive programs to get extra bonuses. Smart driver…driving for whichever platform that offers the best deal.

Raid hailing started off here in Indonesia by 2009, the presence of the Uber application changed people’s lifestyles. Uber became the first ride-hailing application to exist in the world and according to its official website, now has 91 million partners, 91 million monthly active drivers and 3.9 million drivers in 63 countries. It was then followed by the Lyft application opens up the business in Indonesia market. The popularity of the ride hailing business has spawned applications such as Gett, Curb, Gran, and Gojek, which originate from Indonesia.

Being most populated country in Asia, Indonesia is so sexy for raid hailing industry. No wonder why the more many local or regional raid hailing companies penetrate their footprints into Indonesia market. Air Asia Super Apps, Indrive Apps have been recently try their fortune in Indonesia. They position themselves differently to attract customers in term of their pricing tactical or their marketing activation to grab bigger chunk of communities. For instance inDrive raid hailing company that “as their motto” its presence is to contribute “Pricing justice”. They app allows client to get best deal through bargain feature to the driver… 😊 cool … This is new thing clients may feel good being involved in pricing decision rather than they just simply accept the bids in the platforms. Sentuhan Manusia mural initiated just close to BNI City station Jakarta also has good reaches of 21 millions of communities within 4 weeks , as they claimed…. Well Best of luck.

Lastly , these are the best world raid hailing companies in 2022 on Fortune Business insights Identification :

  1. Uber Technologies Inc California USA
  2. Lyft, Inc. of Sanfransico USA
  3. Didi Chuxing Technology Co. Beijing China
  4. ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore India
  5. Gojek of Jakarta Indonesia

Salam Sehat dan Semangat

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM Solution Consultant

By Bams – March 10, 2023

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