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250 T spent during this Lebaran or around 60% incremental expenditures. Wow .. so huge amid this post pandemic.

Of many spending during Lebaran, transportation is the post considered as mouth –watering opportunities seen from entrepreneurship point of view. The more exodus served the more billions come into company pockets . Isn’t it most dreadful challenge to the travel Industry ?

It has been like Hajj season whenever selected Muslim people around the globes are heading to Holly Mecca for Religious reason, during Festive Hari Raya Lebaran, people are moving from one place to others , from other countries to Indonesia regardless unpleasant experiences on trains, buses, ship , airplanes , roads or whatever challenges during their travels.

No wonder, Some Analyst released news that money circulation has hit 260 T during the festive days. Government has also done its part to materialize Grand design of transportation outlook and trust still continuing comprehensive, long term plan to cope with whatever challenges ahead. Therefore part of chunk of this objective during this holiday season travelers can be accommodated to have their pleasant trips on their way home to villages.

For me..The exodus is the reflection that people willingness to travels are spiking up.

The motivation of this huge travel movement to my point of view is owing to

Interpersonal and spiritual purposes.

Interpersonal; addressing their needs to visit Friends and Families and Spiritual as people’s most Ritual to seek Blessings from their parents, Grand parents on Sungkeman Tradition ( showing Respects by kneeling to One’s Parents).

By Only those two most motivation there have been huge desires to travels.

What I think of is not how travel industries can afford to add more busses , airplanes etc , the REAL challenges I think of is how to WAKE UP people willingness to travels from one place to others at any time. I still believe that unless in festive holidays, the willingness of Indonesian people for travels are still very low for some reasons.

If travel industries can create mini hari raya spirits, Christmas spirits, new spirits which attract people to travel, transportation industry will be more attractive.

Other factors Triggering Passengers motivation to travel according to Numerous studies that have been conducted and a wide variety of satisfaction data has been generated regarding to passengers are :

Curiosity and culture
Business and professional
Interpersonal i.e visiting friends, relatives ( VFR ) Pleasure/Romance

Conclusion on what to Do to achieve the above objectives:

Regular surveys, research on analyzation of what customers needs and wants mustbe done periodically to ensure that every opportunities are not missed.
Research and surveys are good tool to give input to management on how to wakeup people willingness to travels.
Every executives must act as management’s eyes and ears to see opportunities,

May Travel and Tourists Industry be part of Backbone of Nationwide Economic Development.

Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM Solution Consultant

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POWER ACTION © 2024. All rights reserved.