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Hari Lebaran ( Eid al Fitr celebration ) is the event that people in most muslim countries are so awfully longing for. Since the outbreak broke down in 2020 people felt being captive at home owing to so rigid restrictions of people mobilities as to avoid its Covid spreads.

Government of Indonesia is one of the country decided to let go the citizens to pulang kampong ( go to home town ) in this Lebaran 2022. Consequantially, they are so busily doing its actions plans to manage huge crowds of people movements on the air / sea / rail / road modes.

The most challenging one is to control Air Transportation. Aviation is remarkable for the giant technological leaps it has made over the last century. This progress would not have been possible without parallel achievements in the control and reduction of aviation’s safety hazards.

Compared to other modes of transportation ,In many other ways,aviation is the most mode that can result in injury or harm or fatalities in the event of accidents. Those are why aviation have been preoccupied with preventing accidents since the earliest days of flying.

Through the disciplined application of best safety management practices, the frequency and severity of aviation occurrences have declined significantly.

Alright Guyss…

Whilst accompanying you eating lontong kari ayam ( hard boiling steamed rice with curry chickens ) let’s understand the concept of safety in aviation Industry.

In order to understand safety management, it is necessary to consider what is meant by “safety” with regard to Airlines. Depending on one’s perspective, the concept of aviation safety may have different connotations :

  • Zero accidents (or serious incidents), a view widely held by the traveling public.
  • The freedom from danger or risks, e.g those factors which cause or are likely to cause harm;
  • The attitude towards unsafe acts and conditions by employees (reflecting a “safe” corporate culture);
  • The degree to which the inherent risks in aviation are “acceptable”;
  • The process of hazard identification and risk management;
  • and the control of accidental loss (of persons and property, and damage to the environment).

Quite complex references of safety , aren’t they.

That’s why in certain circumstances, whenever people said Bomb during traveling by Air, that’s so considered as public’s unsafe acts toward employees or other people and therefore anyone committed to doing so can be sentenced to jail.

Very soft issues on Bomb “threats” can be treated as so serious. That’s one of aviation industry characteristics of industry with si highly regulated.

The elimination of accidents (and serious incidents) would be desirable especially by all stakeholders let alone Government , a one hundred per cent safety rate mightbe an achievable goal. However Failures and errors will occur, in spite of the best efforts to avoid them. No human activity or human-made system can be guaranteed to be absolutely safe, i.e. free from risk.

Whenever inherent risks are acceptable in a “safe” system. safety will be relatively a definite pattern.

Airlines develops so advanced measures with regards of safety. No one can compromise. That’s the reasons why facilities, man power , manuals are so well monitored so all objectives will be attainable.

It shall be good that whatever Airlines Safety progam been adopted to other mode of transports thus collective National safety roadmaps and objective are being able to achieve

If we compare with ones exercised by other modes of transports. Airlines will ofcourse be the one and only mode to adopt so rigid implementation of Rules. No matter traffics will be heavily congested like nowadays, during festive season of lebaran or not, Airlines have been prepared that the irregularities such as incident on Air mode will be pretty much avoided.

Safety has also become a marketing positioning that can be leveraged in such ways that people will buy it at any costs. Anything relating to safety and also religion price will be priceless.

First thing first, thats the attitude that all Lebaran travelers shall have to ensure safety will not be jeopardized in any kind of acts.

I wrote article on the altitudes of tickets fare will determine the attitude of travelers. That could be true..😊😊😊 Please check it up.

The lesser safety events may be harbingers of underlying safety problems. ignoring these underlying safety hazards could pave the way or an increase in the number of more serious accidents.

Yearly events that involve the movement in mass volumes are unavailable in everywhere. Thus people’s thoughts (attitude) collectively that treat safety in most priorities will not-only succeed events but also succeed whoever stakeholders objectives to achieve safety.

Accidents (and incidents) cost money. Although purchasing “insurance” can spread the costs of an accident over time, However accidents will jeopardize business continueity. Insurance may cover specified risks, despite so many are uninsured. But Accident will create intangible effects to every parties; such as the loss of confidence of the traveling public, traumas etc. An understanding of the total costs of an accident is fundamental to understanding the economics of safety.

The air transportation industry’s future viability may well be predicated on is ability to sustain the public’s perceived safety while traveling. The management of safety is therefore a prerequisite for a sustainable aviation business.

All Right, that’s all the insight i would share during this festive holidays to enable us staying productive in idle situations.

Conclusion :

One of the most foreseen factors to achieve most safety is all stakeholders’ upfront willingness to accept Safety number one as initial awareness.

So… Guys ..

Have a so pleasant, safe travels back to your home
Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM  Solution Consultant

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