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Communities are part of the very crucial element in society, Business and any element of life. We can say that civilizations are built by communities

Business will never survive without communities either. Even many impromptu communities built amongst people with same interest can do good to society and yet even can be transforming its self to be industy.. E.g Facebook communities was initially built to enable people to interact/ speak/ communicate one another. Finally it keeps bigger and bigger and has become massive industries to societies. Not to mention other social media / market places / platform to platform online or offline , all have their own segmentation of people that can be analyzed to grow business. To convert Buzz into data and qualified leads and lastly convert things to monetary output / throughput.

Those are the most strength of community. Therefore to whatever purpose, we have to beware of utilizing strength of communities.

Inline skaters communities ( Street Roller skaters ) went viral yesterday clogging on busy roads of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia with so massive traffics situation happily merry going merry round rolling and skating … jeopardizing their safety including children and posing great dangers to every of Roads users are kind of infringements of any norms of Societal or communal and business goals. Those generate contra productive impacts to whatever ambition this communities are aiming at.

Before performing the skate dancing on roads they should find the useful guts of feeling of why they are exposing them, get them exposed to the broader community and see… many other people got so surprised.

Historically, skating has been shut out of public areas and judged for their “recklessness” and “laziness”. In the late twentieth century, the media shaped other people’s perceptions of skateboarding and skateboarders in a negative way, framing it as dangerous and deviant. These attitudes are less of a product of reality than they are one of ignorance.

However, Nowadays, what many fail to realize is that skateboarding is so much more than a sport, it’s a culture and a lifestyle.

From its inception, too pity if skaters wrongly performing acts on the metropolitan main roads again to have been largely triggering people to misconception of skatings.

What Communities meant for in social and business lives are about helping. Community is neighbors helping neighbors. You know you live in a community if you can knock on your neighbor’s door, get a cup of sugar. All your purpose will succeed if you can do facilitate community to community.

Existing, popular community networks that might get their act together and provide added values to what people need and want.

These are other things to be considered on Communal lives :

It is the inalienable of every free community whenever the Just and Righteous are being against an ignored.

The Community shall have Wisdom… it’s the power to perceive the best ends to aim at and the best means for reaching those ends. It is the power to perceive the right thing to do. The man who is wise enough to know the right thing to do, who is good enough to wish to do only the right thing, and who is able and strong enough to do the right thing is a truly great man. He will instantly become marked as a personality of power in any community and men will delight to do him honor. And Community DOES too.

People Don’t really sympathize / like or Buy your product or services. What to buy is what ‘good’ at you. Your brands / your charms/ personality / pesona.

Newer socialist networks will even keeps trying to weaponize themselves to be easily engaged with many aspects of communities with Artificial intelligence tools to win their competitions ahead. Then Roles of communities values are so important.

Credibility in Community is so essential yest in any kind of organization.

  • It’s no small task to reverse mistrust and restart the relationship from scratch.
  • Credibility is a valuable resource.
  • One of the most major assets of any organization is people and they can produce money.
  • “tell it straight” people must trust what you say. “ walk the talk” you do what you say and you say what you do.
  • Credibility must be demonstrated
  • Create “ everydayness” caring attitude

CULTURE within community must also be well divined as to align community’ members. So Community shall be well connected and communicated for culture alignments).

Culture will also energize the spirits of every element of the communities for. Should there be any remarkable things happen, culture must be the one celebrate, all the achievement heard by all members. That will be good if Community’s organize any events to strengthen relationships amongst members.

BRIDGE Community’s members DIVIDE

One model for strong relationships comes from the family, where people can ideally be themselves or true selves.

Several key ingredients :

  1. Encouraging people to bring their true selves when they come to communities, allowing them to interject their own personalities .
  2. Regularly recognizing each members needs and triumphs, extending help and compassion to them in times of trouble and celebrating the everyday occurrences in their lives.
  3. Forging an identity that builds upon as members of a larger community.

 Recognizing for innovations and community’s members achievements.

Alright Guysss.. see you again in next article

Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM  Solution Consultant

By Bams – May 09, 2022

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POWER ACTION © 2024. All rights reserved.