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Hi Academia,

Love is a complex emotion that can be difficult to explain or quantify, but when it is strong and enduring, there must be such values and conditions that exist, those serve as “Bukti” as this Song title…. proof of Love existence. Deep sense of mutual respect, trust, emotional intimacy, and willingness to compromise and support each other through life’s challenges , as well as a demonstrated commitment to maintaining the relationship through communication and shared experiences could serve the real proof of strong relation. Moreover, couples in strong love relationships also show a desire for each other’s happiness, and are able to celebrate each other’s achievements, while also being understanding and compassionate during times of struggle, thus providing a solid foundation for a lasting and meaningful connection.

Proof of strong love relation is a combination of various factors that contribute to a healthy, romantic and supportive relationship fostering growth and happiness.

These factors combine to create a deeply fulfilling and meaningful bond that stands the test of time , and is a source of comfort, joys, and fulfillment for both throughout their lives.

Overall, strong love relations are a source of positivity and wellbeing to energize couples to Fight fight together to the end of lives … no matter what .. to prove of love.

Those personal measure are also applicable to prove lengthy of someone’s service to a company. Are they strong and enduring ??? dependant on how company answers why people want to stay longer to company.

Why people works :

  1. Money… yes sure people need money to pay for their needs and wants
  2. Security.. ofcourse yes… having job is the way to survive and strive
  3. Job satisfaction….because we might love what we do
  4. Self esteem —-feeling important as someone has something to contribute to their loved ones and society
  5. Social… maybe .. they feel they have many friends whilst working..

However above all someone could be serving loyalty to the company to meet their Self Fulfillments… meaning if s/he feels being attended and recognized on their values to the company….

Whilst those above are met.. normally people will prove and unleash his/her potentials… whatever it takes to company.

Another good factors are for sure hygine’s factors and motivating factors.

Herzberg in his book believed in two factors to meet need of workers

1. Hygiene factors

This is important for people to works but do not make people working harder. Yups despite workers being provided their basic and safety needs  however those may not/ don’t make them being motivated to work harder

2. Motivating factors

This gonna be one that encourage people to work harder…. Sharing responsibilities , recognizing / rewarding and praising workiers could be of effective ways to making people working harder to the company they work for …. And eventually prove their potentials to the best values to the company..

So … Good luck for strong bonding of love … in Personal or professional relationships.

Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM Solution Consultant

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POWER ACTION © 2024. All rights reserved.