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Hii There , if you are looking for references for Aviation Safety Officers’ Roles and Responsibilities, here we go ;

MANAGER SAFETY – Company Aviation Safety Officer

The Development of policies to cover all aspects of Aviation Safety for all employees is responsible to the Director:

  • Ensure that aircraft safety equipment meets established safety standards.
  • Develop and implement the overall aircraft accident presentation program and it must be tailored to fit the needs of the flight operations and training, consideration given to the mission, type of aircraft facilities available and experience level of personnel.
  • Maintain liaison with other Airlines, Aviation Authority, Aviation Safety Organizations and Government Departments with the view to ensure correct practices are in compliance with legislative requirement and established principles.
  • Direct the development of Safety Emergency Procedure (SEP) and evaluate new procedures and equipment.
  • To assists Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee, if needed, of Aircraft incident/ accident and recommend corrective preventive measures.
  • Participate in Technical and Non-Technical Inquiries affecting safety and security.
  • Following up incident/accident reports and voyage reports for corrective action and trends and disseminate prevention information from these sources.
  • Responsible to evaluate and disseminate all incident/accident reports.
  • Ensure that pertinent incident/accident prevention material is properly disseminated.
  • Provide the Director with periodic reports on incident/accident occurrences and to inform on the status and progress of investigations.
  • Submit budged proposals and proper financial management of the approval budged.
  • Such other duties as assigned to him by the Director or his nominee.


To  Formulate and enforce flight safety procedures and standards in accordance with legal requirements, company policy and established principles.

To safeguard Company’s Aircraft, Crew and Passengers from accidents and mishaps is responsible to the Manager Safety .

  • Ensure the standard and scale of safety equipment carried on board company aircraft meets the requirement of the DGCA and the Company’s safety policy.
  • Provision of a Safety and Emergency Procedure Training System for technical and cabin crew to meet the requirement of DGCA.
  • Deploy Safety Instructor to ensure their economic use with the program and ensure that a high standard of instruction is maintained.
  • Direct the utilization of training aids as necessary to promote training economically.
  • Perform periodic surveys, inspection and audits to ensure standards are being maintained and continually exercised.
  • Review reports on aerodrome deficiencies and advise the relevant authorities to take appropriate action to resolve the problem.
  • Assist in evaluation for safety operation and recommend corrective preventive measures.
  • Maintain close liaison with other departments in particular, Quality Control, technical Services, Maintenance, Cabin Crew, and Medical Service in matters pertaining to flight safety.
  • Recommend preventive and safety promoting measures regarding aircraft safety equipment and operational procedures.
  • Such other duties as assigned to him by the chief of Flight Safety.


Duties & Responsibilities:

To ensure the safe operation of company’s aircraft in compliance to strict observations of all regulation and SOP’s and to monitor that the safety standards of airports and navigational aids meet safety requirements.

      Is responsible to the Manager Safety.

  • When and where necessary, surveys at all routes of Airlines and alternate aerodromes to endure flight safety / standards are met.
  • Performs periodic surveys, evaluate and audits to ensure safety standards are being maintained and continually exercises.
  • Evaluate current practices and recommend new procedure and methods or flight safety matters to improve standards.
  • Maintain a constant surveillance of airfield and navigational facilities to detect hazards, such as foreign on runways, taxiways and ramps, inadequate lighting, exposed runway lips, soft runway shoulders and overruns, ditches power lines, obstructions, markers and etc.
  • Maintain liaison with aviation authorities, Government Department, other airline, Flight Safety Organization on matters related to Flight Safety with a view to ensure current practices are in compliance with legislative requirements established principles.
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with Route Information and Publications on the production of the Flight Operation Information and Safety Bulletin.
  • To Conduct Technical and Non-Technical Inquiries as and when required.
  • Such other duties as assigned to him by the Manager Safety .

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Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM  Solution Consultant

By Bams – February 22, 2023

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