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We love eating dont we ? 😊😊🥪🥪

There has been a vast amount of controversy as to when to eat, what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat;

Yeah…because Foods are so tempting. They are like attainment, whether of health, wealth, power, or happiness that we must govern. People are sometimes so overwhelming with hungers to them, in this discussion is hungers for eating… what to , when to and how to eat.

My families and i happened to queue at one of so famous Nasi Gudeg after that ice cream in Yogjakarta during hari raya lebaran.What a crowds…

Are they hungers for eating or life style ??? Could be both. At least we do. Seriously i want to lose weights. I felt too heavy. It was so successful last year i could reduce my weight from 96 kgs to 69 kgs .. seriously. The motivations are like our journey to success that law is that we must do what what can do now, where we are now; do every separate act in the most perfect manner possible, and put the power of faith into every action for successful diets.

What tempting us for eating .. The sub-conscious mind could be in charge of all the functions and processes of life; and when more food is needed by the body, it makes the fact known by causing a sensation called hunger. Whenever food is needed, and can be used, there is hunger; and whenever there is hunger it is time to eat. Choose what to eat , how to eat etc.

When there is no hunger it is unnatural and wrong to eat, no matter how great may APPEAR to be the need for food. Even if you are in a condition of apparent starvation, with great emaciation, if there is no hunger you may know that FOOD CANNOT BE USED,

and it will be unnatural and wrong for you to eat. Though you have not eaten for days, weeks, or months, if you have no hunger you may be perfectly sure that food cannot be used, and will probably not.

It was what i did … i did imagine foods i wanted in mind and I destroyed them from mind. Then i didnt have desire to eat. Subconscious mind roles are important.. with sufficient acts and faith .. we can govern to achieve whatever conceived and believed. I had that a self-evident proposition that the natural time, to eat is when one is hungry; and there will be action to eat when one is not hungry so none bother to eat.

In some books There are clear distinction between hunger and appetite. Hunger is the call of the sub-conscious mind for more material to be used in repairing and renewing the body, and in keeping up the internal heat; and hunger is never felt unless there is need for more material, and unless there is power to digest it when taken into the stomach.

Appetite is a desire for the gratification of sensation. The drunkard has an appetite for liquor, but he cannot have a hunger for it. A normally fed person cannot have a hunger for candy or sweets; the desire for these things is an appetite. You cannot hunger for tea, coffee, spiced foods, or for the various taste-tempting devices of the skilled cook; if you desire these things, it is with appetite, not with hunger.

So in short , hunger is for life savings , maintenance purposes and

Appetite is often largely a matter of habit; imaginative desires for eating.

Then you know which to combat to get our Dietary goal achieved.

Hmm .. i did practice that… subconscious minds will control your appetites.


Control Your Appetite to decide Needs to EAT

Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses
Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM Solution Consultant

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POWER ACTION © 2024. All rights reserved.