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In this article, i happened to observe there are significant passengers transformations 15 years back vs today.

Ramadan Kareem is comming and there will be huge numbers of exodus in all modes of transportation  to everyone’s hometown in this next comming Hari Raya that could be more massive than ever since people mobilites were restricted these past two years amid the outbreak.

I will have to say i did join Air Asia Berhard Malaysia and part of pioneer team brought Low Cost Concept Carrier from the scratch in Indonesia, though.

Yes…. Huge numbers of challenges transforming ourselves and other people to newly developed concept. It was like 19 years back.

But I wanna just share what we felt 19 years back on Passengers’ attitudes he he. Funny though but they are so much changed now.

I wrote this articles in 2009 😊


The announcement of regulator to put operational cost component inside the ticket must be seen as beneficial steps for airlines as well as other modes of transportation industries ( Busses, train, vessel etc ). The governmental pressurization will shape transportation industries and their communities into correct patterns.

Let’s view up some examples of overwhelming problems created by different segmentation of passengers using wrong mode transportation. ( wrong people on the wrong place = frustration.)

  • Habit of insisting on taking excessive baggage or overweight boxes into airlines cabin.
  • Habit of refusing to turn off hand phone in the aircraft.
  • Habit of refusing to fasten seat belt when the seatbelt sign on.
  • Habit of refusing crew alert of not smoking during flights. Huge number of passengers purposely smoke in the lavatory.
  • Habit of wrongly misinterpret rules that airlines may still and shall or must accept late passengers when the aircraft is “still” on the runway
  • Rushing to stand up when aircraft is still moving after landing.
  • Rushing to remove their baggage and belonging during landing purposely to disembark earlier.
  • Habit of ignoring the information of where they can find safety aid (live vest , emergency door etc ) if aircraft is in emergency.
  • Habit of ignoring safety demo and reading safety instruction kit.
  • Afraid of being labeled ‘kampungan’ ( country bumpkins ) and they pretend to be such of a clever dick ( sok tau ) which may endanger the aircrafts.

Etc etc

Those continuous unsolvable habits are being mainly caused by insufficiency of knowledge and reluctancy of passengers to adapt higher level of life style.

Adopting Urban Theory ,even City layout must be rearranged, those who do not qualify for nearby metropolitan or megapolitan life style must be relocated to correspond community. That’s the proven theory.

Those who can afford to take busses shall and must take busses instead of Airoplanes.

Those who can afford to rent taxi or limo shall do so.

Whenever airlines unavoidably grab Busses’ / trains’ passengers market segmentations. They compete with busses and train. Airlines shall educate them too to align with Norm for flying.

Otherwise those are resulting confusion and frustration. Resulting suffers experienced by all stakes holders. Real airlines passengers or whoever has paid higher may not get what they have paid for. Passengers paying 1 million may be seated in the same row or side by side with passengers paying 100 thousands of promo fares etc. Service delivery mismatch with preference.

As a travel enthusiast, I can see that Airlines tickets are now sold higher than other modes of transport these post outbreak ( in Indonesia ).

Then airlines shall position themselves to strengthen the vision and commitments to serve better to their correct segmentation of Passengers. There is nothing else Airlines shall think of rather then Just Do Serve them in most excellent manners and give experience flying services. And we WIN

Ramadan Mubarak

Salam Sehat Semangat Sukses

Bambang Purnomo , SS-BA, CSCA, CAVM  Solution Consultant

By Bams – April 02, 2022

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